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Friday, April 15, 2011


   No matter what kind of relationship you are in, it can be Parent and Child, Husband and Wife, etcetera, if there is no communication there is no relationship.
  Having a good relationship with my teen daughter is a lot of work. I am pretty sure parents of teens can agree. We have had our share of arguments & disagreement, but I think that communicating our feelings have help us maintain a good relationship. She knows that she can come to me with her problems, concerns or questions she might have. I listen and tell her about my experiences or opinion on the matter. Sometimes we do not agree but is ok to disagree while she respect my decision as her parent.
  These times that our kids are growing in are a bit different with those of my times due to Technology and what is accepted in Society now. What does not change are the arguments among friends, the broken hearts, the bullying in schools, etc. All these things are the same as when I was growing up. There is more awareness of some of these situations because teens with cell phones recording bullying. Gossiping are done through texting and broken hearts through emails.
  If you have an open relationship with your teen the problems wont be less but at least they will be less of a headache. You as a parent can voice your opinion or advise these cans make the teen years more bearable.

By Caridad Culajay

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