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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's Teen Problems

         It has always been difficult being a teenager, but it seems like today’s teens face much more challenges than ever before. Teen pregnancy and STD’s are at a rise with more teens being sexually active at a younger age. I started talking to my daughter about sex and all that goes with it at age ten, and is an on going subject we talk about. Even though I feel she is too young, I feel the need to educate her due to all these teens being sexually active as early as twelve. I remember still playing dolls at age twelve. It seems like these day kids are in a rush to grow up.
        Cyber bullying is another concern teens face today that they did not did ten years ago. With more teens having cell phones and access to computers, bullying has taken a whole new meaning. Back when I was growing up fights usually were one on one and they were fist fights. Now these kids are caring guns and fights involve group of kids. Fights and bullying are being recorded by teens as entertainment among themselves and are being posted on sites like You-Tube.
        All this adds to an increase of Teen Mental Health Issues like anxiety and depression. Teen suicide is rising at an alarming rate. All the social pressures of fitting in and not being single out for being different, along with bullying have put teens to choose suicide then to continue physical and emotional abuse.
        The best tool as parents that we have is communication. We need to talk and educate our kids about all these issues and what they can do if face with a situation that is having a negative affect on their lives. We also as parents need to keep educating ourselves on these issues and be aware of any new trends that can have a negative affect on our kids.


  1. It's crazy!!! THe other day I saw this show 16 and Pregnant, I honestly think it's encouraging teens to get pregnant and it's okay. No it's not ok to be prego at 16. No it's not okay that I have to raise you and then you think I have to raise your child too! I don't think so. I don't know what'd I do if my daughter comes home pregnant. It's not a fashion trend this is LIFE that will be with you forever!!!! and that's what these teens don't understand.

  2. que lata que esas chicas queden embarazadas a tan tenprana edad,eso les pasa por no conocer a un verdadero macho alfa que no cometen ese error